About us

About Us

Since the beginning of garments industry in Egypt, we conquered the field until we became one of the pioneers and well-known founders allover Egypt.

Now, with pride and with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture and export field of Egyptian ready-made garments to worldwide and by earning the ultimate trust of our customers by being committed to provide the highest quality with stricken discipline, we have provided the best, finest and most luxurious products from most of the high-end brands with the proficient Egyptian hands under the licensing and supervision of the official brands companies. For more than 30 consecutive years, we have dominated exporting garments specially to Europe and United States of America, and still expanding our exporting map.

In the other hand, with more than 15 years of experience in diverse investments and supplying fields , our company has gained great friends and clients inside and outside of Egypt, and they are constantly growing, as they are partners of success and source of our inspiration.

Chairman’s Word

 Its always a pleasure to see our services map expands greatfully day by day witnessing more succeses with our partners in success, our valuable clients. Its the smartest decision ever to deal with

Eng. Fady Fayez